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Stacks collapsing to the bottom#73 

Right now Stacks only collapse items to the top.
It would be great to be able to customize that, allowing at least to collapse items to the bottom of the stack too.
This would be useful for example for ActionSheets on iOS, where menu items are aligned to the bottom.
Thanks! great work btw.

Federico Campo Piombi
6 months ago

Do you mean folder depth or just layer order ? I never noticed it for layer order but right now if you have a symbol in a subfolder, it doesn’t collapse, even if that subfolder is a stack.

Aymeric Bianco Pelle
4 months ago

I mean for layers.. if you have a group of stacked layers (symbols, folders, shapes, whatever) with “collapse” enabled, when you turn one of them off (hide in the layer lists or override with “none”) the entire stack “collapses” moving elements below the hidden layer, upwards in the Y axis (if it’s a vertical stack)
It would be great if I could be able to tell the stack which direction to collapse the items (i.e. move) when one or more layers are hidden.
For horizontal lists, I should be able to choose “left” or “right” (right now it collapses to the left only), and for vertical lists I should be able to chosse “up” or “down” (top or bottom).

Do I make any sense?
thank you

Federico Campo Piombi
4 months ago

Take for instance a horizontal stack of items
[A B C D]

If I hide B, then what happens is
[A < C D] = [A C D … ]
I would like to be able to tell the stack to align items to the right for example,
So in this case, when I hide B, what would happen is that
[A > C D] = [ … A C D]

Federico Campo Piombi
4 months ago

Makes perfect sense, I’d also like to see that feature.

Florian Grau
4 months ago