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Linking to other Sketch Pages#70


Sketch already has this feature, it should be quite easy to implement.

It is hard to manage more than 10 Screens in one Sketch Page.

2 years ago

This can be accomplished using Sketch native links

2 years ago

@Anima App Please can you explain how we can manage that, what are the Sketch native links? You’re saying it’s possible to have my symbols (like menu, nav or footer…) in my Symbols page and still link elements from it outside my Symbol page?

a year ago

@Anima App I tried following a tutorial on how to link symbol to pages, and it creates “broken link”. Supporting links from symbol to another page is quite an essential feature. I don’t want to dissociate my header (placed on 10+ pages) from its symbol just to be able to create links.

9 months ago

@Alexem Studio ,
Moving the symbol’s artbord to a new page breaks the symbol instances. This can be where the links also break.

Once the master symbol is in the same Sketch page as the rest of the design, use Anima Links as you normally would.

9 months ago

How can I link pages to different pages of the same sketch file?

3 months ago

@Julia Apostolopoulou This can be accomplished using Sketch native links

2 months ago