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Expose Padding and Stacking in panel#49

Hey guys, thank you for the update with padding and nested symbol support. It was a huge relief to have this back in my toolkit after losing Paddy 2 Beta.

One thing I loved about Paddy 2 Beta was the ability to always see padding and stacking values in the Inspector. With Anima AL I have to constantly click the icons in order to see the values in the popovers, which adds an undesirable amount of friction to my workflow.

Something like your Expanded Panel, specifically for padding and stacking, would be awesome 🙏

3 years ago

And/Or have it appended to the layer’s name in shorthand (I loved how this worked in paddy). Seeing the values right there in the layer names gives me immediate understanding on some of the layout behavior regarding an element

3 years ago

I would leave the layer name alone. There’s a higher change it would conflict with another plugin that’s using layer name for some kind of property.

3 years ago
Changed the status to
3 years ago