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XD formatting#216

Hi there - I’m just using the demo version for XD as I wanted to add input fileds into my demo. Unfortunately viewing the demo in Anima means the layout of my screens are completely broken and it also displays a login box at the top of all pages. It also doesn’t render the logo properly. Am I doing something wrong?

The first two screenshots are how it displays in Anima and the second two are how it should be. I also assumed that the input fields and any other additional feature within Anima, would work when viewed in the XD prototype view, but this doesn’t seem to be the case.

a month ago

Hi Robert, Please share the XD file with and I will inspect and troubleshoot your design :)

19 days ago

Hi Pablo, I can’t really share the file with you unfortunately, as it’s sensitive. But the problem is that I’ve set the header to be in a fixed position in XD, but when I preview the file in Anima, the layout is broken. So as you can see in the screenshots I sent previousy, the fixed header is positioned on the left and the content appears on the right. The artboards are set up correctly at iPhone 11 size, but the Anima preview in the browser is full width.

Te other issue you can see is related to the clients logo. This is a vector file created in illustrator and copied into XD. When I preview the file in Anima, the logo doesn’t display, the counters in the letters are filled in. Ths also happens with other vector objects such as icons, they just fill in.

I’ve attached a screenshot of how the page should display from XD. You can compare that to the screenshot I sent previously.

I’ve used Anima for Sketch and it works perfectly. Artboards show at the correct width in the Anima preview.

19 days ago

Thank you for the update. The issue with Fixed position is something we are aware and will fix in future updates.

We will test the vector imported from Illustrator.

16 days ago