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please... a faster way to preview the prototype.#173

This tool allows for some pretty high-fidelity functionality, therefore there’s a lot more room for things to be buggy - with that, the large amount of complexity allotted for us (thank you btw), also comes the need to test how even the smallest interactions actually react in the browser before moving on to the next one… considering Anima functions somewhat like a drag & drop CSS/JS mold, if front-end dev were a wysiwyg, but the process is the same… where creating stylesheets & writing script without the ability to immediately see what you’re implementing would be painstakingly difficult since all components somewhat rely on eachother in order to work properly. I understand the ‘preview in browser’ is the quick solution here, but waiting several minutes at a time to test -say- whether one link that wasn’t working before is in fact working now… is adding a lot of time I don’t have to my workflow.

2 months ago